Riley Catherall is a Singer-Songwriter based in Melbourne whose graceful trajectory into the Australian Alt-Country Music world has not gone unnoticed. Riley has built a credible status as a one of the country’s most promising songwriters through his poetic sincerity and alluring live shows.

Riley released his debut full-length album in late 2021:  “When I Go” is an amalgamation of songs about leaving, losing love, and finding somewhere to settle down. National praise came in spades for singles “Mother Please”, “Vacant Lot” and “Leave Me Out To Dry” – all receiving extensive streams, national airplay and an addition into ABC National's high rotation in November 2019. Catherall’s writing has also attracted international attention with radio play across Europe and the UK – “A F***ing Virtuoso” Chris Jagger delicately put it after he appeared at the Maverick Americana Festival in Suffolk, UK where he was listed as a festival favourite alongside Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes and Hannah Aldridge. 

Those with a keen eye at such festivals will notice Riley on stage playing guitar for the likes of those mentioned above, as well as having accompanied and collaborated with Kasey Chambers, Charm Of Finches, Alan Fletcher, Imogen Clark and Loretta Miller (Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes).

Bark At The Moon was the first offering since the debut record, and a single release tour in late 2022, and internationally in 2023 provided those who attended an insight into the creative workings of a patient and arresting storyteller in the sophomore stage of his career. The rest of 2023 saw Riley supporting Australian icons The Whitlams, Taxiride and Michael Waugh as he prepares to release his second record in early 2024.


One of the standout features of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Riley Catherall’s debut album is that it is the sound of an artist in consummate control of his craft. - Chris Familton, Post To Wire

His songs are beautifully constructed and immaculately delivered. The find of the festival. – Three Chords and The Truth UK